Building confidence in learning online

In this eye-opening thought leadership piece, Cheri Ashby, Deputy Chief Executive Officer at 3P合辑, discusses how we are integrating our award-winning Learning Philosophy into the development of AI tools to aid our online learning delivery.


Online learning has revolutionised how adults engage with education, acting as a positive disruptor to promote engagement by providing the flexibility to learn at their convenience. However, one area where it is often criticised is its difficulty in providing an environment to allow the growth and development of nurturing relationships and social connection that traditional learning offers.

At 3P合辑, we are addressing these challenges by integrating our unique Learning Philosophy with the use of AI tutors in GCSE English and maths.

Our Learning Philosophy focuses on three critical elements to help learners find their sweet spot and achieve their potential:


We advocate for a growth mindset, emphasising that intelligence is not fixed at birth. According to neuroscience, the brain strengthens its neural networks through repeated use. This principle is applied in our teaching, where online learners are coached to view their brain as a muscle that gets stronger with use. The AI Tutor aids in this process by offering immediate feedback and encouragement, allowing students to practise at their own pace and learn from their mistakes without being given direct answers鈥.


We know from experience that learners are more engaged when they see the relevance of their studies to their personal circumstances. Whether it’s achieving a qualification for a job, a promotion, or pursuing a personal interest, understanding the bigger picture boosts motivation. Our programmes are designed to demonstrate the practical applications of new skills and knowledge, keeping learners motivated by showing the direct impact on their futures.


Probably the biggest challenge to learning and particularly learning online are the emotions you associate with your learning experience. Emotional responses significantly influence learning. By providing both human coaches and AI tutors, we create a supportive environment where learners feel psychologically safe and confident to ask for help. This supportive approach encourages viewing mistakes as part of the learning journey, thus building resilience and confidence. Our online students benefit from an online learner community, access to a dedicated tutor-coach, and AI Tutor support for guidance and encouragement鈥嬧.

The combination of online peer support and friendship, a teacher-coach and an AI Tutor are enabling our online learners to build their confidence in learning, make quicker progress and achieve high grades.

As we progress along this exciting new path of learning delivery, I鈥檓 sure that AI will allow us to offer even greater personalised learning experiences for our students, with AI-driven assistants that are able to suggest resources and ideas specifically relevant to each learner.

3P合辑 is proud to be at the forefront of these developments, and with our Learning Philosophy central to everything we do, we will guarantee a holistic approach to ensure all our learners needs are met.